Jessie Chung is a Malaysian singer, actress, author, entrepreneur and a doctor (M.D. in clinical Oncology). She has been performing as an artist for many years now and has been on stage in some different countries including the USA, Canada, and China. Her passion for music was evident at a young age as she won some competitions throughout her school days. While studying in Hawaii, she produced a Mandarin song that got her a record contract. However, she could not take it up due to her demanding study schedule. After completing her doctorate, though, there was no looking back. Jessie Chung has now performed some solo shows and has also released eight albums in the last few years. They have all been well received by the media, and she has become a popular artist both internationally and in her home country, Malaysia.

She has also sung solo concerts in 5 different languages to promote charity events. It was on October 2015 when her Love Unity Concert has yielded huge responses from fans around the world, leaving barely any space in the more than 2000-capacity arena.

This year, she has sung for 10 consecutive full house shows for her Chinese Orchestra concert. Besides, her stage production Moonlight was also well received, extending to a total 10 shows.

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